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Eleven Solutions Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2017.

We are a FINTECH company which specialize in digital wallet and aims to provide the best support & services towards our users and merchants. Initial stage, we are focusing to offer our registered users the most convenient, easy, safe, and efficient way to do transaction via e-wallet for their daily activities because we believe today, Business is a Lifestyle.

In conjunction with that direction, we are going to reward our users and merchants with rebate/reward whereby the idea is “You Gain via Spending with Us”. Our business model will be based on Business-to-Consumer(B2C) E-Commerce and later upgraded to Business-to-Business(B2B) E-Commerce. We are very focus in becoming the total solution of e-wallet service provider in South East Asia region.

We emphasize on applying our expertise to increase the performance, availability, and reliability so that our digital wallet could be used worldwide and our registered users could enjoy great passive income via our strategic marketing plan. Our greatest aims also to become a technology disruptive based company whereby all the benefits will be given and rewarded to our loyal users.

CREATE YOUR CAREER with a company start up in Digital Technology, Engineering, Travelling & Accommodation, Remittances & Online Banking, Trading and Online Shopping.'ELEVENMY' being a catalyst FinTechcompany in Malaysia which get fully support and backed by Malaysian banking institution. Therefore, we are welcoming you to work together with us by providing as many avenues as possible. Life has never been so rewarding, profitable and fulfilling at the same time. Enrich Yourself Socially & Financially Today!

About Us.

Leading medium cashless and online payment particularly in the South East Asia region.

ELEVENMY will likely a catalyst in a ONE STOP SMART WALLET for marketers in the business-to-consumers (B2C) as well as (business-to-business) B2B world. People may enjoy TOPUP RELOAD , IDD RELOAD, TRAVELLING & ACTIVITIES, ACCOMODATIONS, BUS, ETS & FLIGHT TICKET, THEME PARK & AMUSEMENT PARK TICKET, UBER, REMITTANCE, FOOTBALL TICKET and other bookings via ELEVENMY wallet. For each payment and booking via ELEVENMY, we will provide you rebate and commission with no additional surcharge. Users are able to pay Utility Bills via ELEVENMY smart wallet which can save and manage your time, money, energy & stress properly. In fact, much more attractive and extra service are coming in line. Users can transfer money from your fingertip to anywhere through ELEVENMY smart wallet.

More attractive and extra service are coming in line .

Existing Products.

One stop smart wallet for marketers.


Reload mobile credits instantly with Eleven.My mobile reload service. Simple, safe and instant phone top up.


Pay your bills online using the security and convenience of Eleven.My online account services.


Prepaid international roaming with Eleven.My lets you enjoy voice and video calls, mobile internet when you're travelling overseas.


Reloading your credit is as simple as calling and texting. Buy more and do more with the easy and convenient, multiple reload.


We have the capability to deliver a broad range of quality products and solutions to meet your operational needs.

Why Eleven.My?

Leading medium cashless and online payment particularly in the South East Asia region.
  • Fast, secure & easy payment method for registered users.
  • Auto-money system manifestation.
  • Eliminate unnecessary auxiliary costs (etc:-time cost, tolls, fuel cost, stress cost, parking and others).
  • Rewards given could be redeem in cash via debit card (e-wallet) services.
  • All in one service provider for consumers & merchants.
  • Ensuring best products & services offered which value with money.
  • Adopted latest technology to comprehend with global demands.

Upcoming Next.

More attractive and extra service are coming in line.


Radically accessible and complete solution for sensing the physical world.


We are here to help and guide you.

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